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What is Metro Anime?

Metro Anime is a collective of diverse individuals from all over the Greater New York Metropolitan Region that is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and understanding, and the sharing of their affection and enjoyment of the Japanese mass and popular cultural manifestations, consisting of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comics), gamu (Japanese computer/video games) and other related materials. To those ends, Metro Anime holds regular showings of anime, organizes joint activities and events with other interested organizations, arranges group pools to conventions and a variety of social, cultural and related activities and events.

In the beginning...

Under the guidance and leadership of Chet Jasinski, the majority of the City of New York heart of the Atlantic Anime Alliance (which used to meet at Shabu Shabu Hamaya in uptown Manhattan) coalesced at the School of Visual Arts in Heisei 7 (1995 A.D.), with regular monthly weekend meetings and showings, to form the group that would soon be known as Metro Anime. In Heisei 7 (1995 A.D.), Jennie Chang became the first President of Metro Anime, and the School of Visual Arts became Metro Anime’s headquarters and base of operations (which it would be until Heisei 12.5 (2000 A.D. May)). Chet Jasinski, Jennie Chang and Alex Hawson would guide and nurture Metro Anime’s formation and establishment.

The Golden Age

Brian Sang-min Mah succeeded Jennie Chang as President in Heisei 8.11 (1996 A.D.November), and would be President until Heisei 11 (1999 A.D.). Under Brian Mah’s command, Metro Anime got its current name in Heisei 8 (1996 A.D.) and would obtain its greatest casual membership level of approximately one hundred fifty casual members.

Passing of the torch

In Heisei 11.11 (1999 A.D. November) Becky Cloonan formally became the President of Metro Anime, a position she would hold for one year. Becky Cloonan’s tenure as President was marked by intense efforts to increase interest and participation in Metro Anime by School of Visual Arts students and she initiated Metro Anime’s first weeknight evening meetings and showings. In Heisei 11 (1999 A.D.) held its first annual excursion to the Japan Society’s annual Matsuri on Forty-Seventh Street.

The Great Schism

Heisei 12 (2000 A.D.) was a year of great changes for Metro Anime. In Heisei 12.5.27 (2000 A.D. May 27 Saturday), Metro Anime held its first meeting and showing at PolyTechnic University and it was also earlier that month that Metro Anime held its last meeting and showing at the School of Visual Arts. The remnants of Metro Anime’s presence at the School of Visual Arts would soon after go on to form Quest Anime.

The Renaissance

Ralph Young in the summer of Heisei 12 (2000 A.D.) regularized Metro Anime’s tradition of group excursions to see films, theatrically. The Autumn of Heisei 12 (2000 A.D.) saw Metro Anime’s first independent Anime Shopping Tour of the New York Metropolitan area. And in Heisei 12.11.18 (2000 A.D. November 18 Saturday) Metro Anime held its first Joint Extravaganza, a collaborative activity and event, with the PolyTechnic Anime Society at PolyTechnic University.

The Renaissance (part deux)

Continuing onto Heisei 13.1.6 (2001 A.D. January 6 Saturday), Metro Anime had its first meeting and showing, with Antonio J. Jimenez and Anime TV at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studio. And due to the coordination and efforts of Adalberto Vazquez, Junior, on Heisei 13.5.19 (2001 A.D. May 19 Saturday), Metro Anime held its first joint educational activity with the New York Public Library at their Donnell Library Center branch.

Resident Historian:

Maikeru, aka Màikè, aka Maik'ŭl
Metro Anime’s Past; Heisei 13.3.30, Version 0.0

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