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How can I join the club?

Simply show up to a Metro Anime meeting or event. There’s no paperwork or ritual sacrifice involved (for now (^_~).

When’s the next meeting or event?

Metro Anime regular hosted screenings, and other regular hosted events, are not currently scheduled or planned; the regular venues we used have closed, and we have not yet found new ones.

We recently found a venue for hosting special events, and we are planning some now (May 2013); watch for announcements.

The latest schedule information can be found on the home page and events page. For impromptu stuff like dinners and movie outings, join the Metro Anime social (MA-SOC) email list and/or the Metro Anime Facebook group. Plans transmogrify far too quickly to post to the web site.

How much does it cost to join the club?

FREE!! How many clubs in NYC can boast such a thing? We don’t charge for membership or the mailing list or much of anything. However, certain events have location fees associated with them, and in those cases we may ask for a small fee to help defray costs. As of April 2012, we have no plans to charge more than $3.00, and we never have charged more than that. We like to keep things on the cheap (^_~).

Where are your meetings held?

As of now (May 2013) we have no regular meeting places, and we are looking for some. The restaurants where we previously held anime screenings and gaming meetings have closed.

Special meetings can be anywhere we can plug in a laptop and a projector. Since Metro is not currently affiliated with any educational institutions, space is one of the harder things to come by. We are always on the lookout for places to host meetings, so please send us an email at if you have any suggestions or would like to offer space to host our meetings.

Just to give you an idea of where we’ve been, Metro Anime meetings have been hosted at Polytechnic (Brooklyn), Queens College (joint event with Bukimi Anime), Manhattan Neighborhood Networks (MNN) studio, Scholten Japanese Art, the New York Public Library — Donnell Branch, and the Museum Of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA).

So who’s running the club now?

Metro Anime is currently run by a group of anime fans who met at Metro meetings and wanted to continue sharing their love of anime with the NYC community.

When’s the next anime con? Are you guys going?

We’re rather stunned you said that in the form of a question. (^_^;) The answer is a definite YES. The Metro Anime social (MA-SOC) email list is the place to find out who’s going where, how they’re getting there, and where they’re staying.

Can I get a ride &/or share a hotel room with you?

If you’d like a ride to a convention, or to share a hotel room, the best thing to do is to ask on the Metro Anime social (MA-SOC) email list. A group from Metro usually shares transportation & rooming costs at Otakon & Katsucon, and will make announcements about it on the list. (Of course, people are generally more amenable to sharing cars & rooms with people they know. Making friends is in your best interest.)

Whenever I go to a meeting, everyone already seems to be friends. I feel intimidated because I don’t know anyone.
(You’d suck at Jeopardy, that’s not a question)

But it is a concern for some of the newer members.

Part of the reason for going to a club is to meet new people who share your interests, right? Well, we all became friends through Metro Anime. Hang around outside the video room. Listen to what other people are talking about. When there’s a break in the conversation, jump in and offer your opinion or ask your question. We all love learning about new things. Bring a manga or artbook that you’d like others to know about. We usually have an open video session at our meetings. Bring a series to introduce to the group (make sure it’s appropriate for all ages).

Come to the other Metro gatherings—the Cherry Blossom Festival, movie outings, Metro dinners. These are perfect opportunities to meet your fellow Metro members in a non-threatening environment.

The point is, don’t just go to the meetings and sit in the dark video room waiting for friendship to come to you. You’ve got to make a little effort as well. We won’t bite. (^_^)

How can I get involved in running the meetings?

Let us know you’re interested. If you’re at a meeting, talk to the folks in charge. We’re the ones making annoucements between each show. We’ll let you know what’s involved in planning and running a meeting, and if you’re still interested, be prepared to provide an e-mail address and a phone number so we can contact you.

On the shopping page you mentioned something about bootlegs. What are they? Why are they bad?

Bootlegs are items that are made, distributed or sold without the permission of the products’ copyright holders. They are a never ending source of controversy to the Anime community since some argue that without them, the anime fan base would shrink, while others insist that sales of bootleg merchandise hurt sales of legitimately licensed products.

Fansubs (copies of shows subtitled by English speaking fans), are considered bootleg merchandise, as are Son May and Ever Anime CDs (SM and EA CDs), which are manufactured in Taiwan without the consent of the Japanese copyright holders.

Metro Anime strongly encourages you to purchase legitimately licensed products.

Who can I contact if I have questions but I don’t want to join the list?

For general questions, please direct your email to:

For web site-related questions, please direct your email to

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