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Metro Anime: The New York City anime club

ようこそ! (Welcome! Nice to see you!)

Metro Anime is the New York City anime club since 1995.

To participate, just show up at a Metro Anime event!

Free special screenings

Metro Anime now has a venue, the Producer’s Club, for hosting occasional free special screenings; the most recent was a October 25 2014 20th anniversary screening of Macross Plus


For timely info on informal events, get-togethers, and outings with Metro Anime members, join the Metro Anime social (MA-SOC) email list and/or the Metro Anime Facebook group.

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See the Metro Anime Facebook group, Twitter, Google calendar, & Flickr photos.

(There is another Metro Anime Facebook group not connected with us, and probably not in NYC)

— Clyde

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