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Macross Plus

Saturday October 25 2014

Please join us for a special Free 20th anniversary screening of Macross Plus with a brief introduction, intermission, and concluding Q & A
Saturday October 25 2014 starting at 2:15 PM (doors open at 2:00 PM)
In the Royal Theater at the Producer’s Club,
358 W 44th St near SE corner with 9th Ave, New York NY 10036-5426

Macross Plus (Japan, 1994)

In 2040 AD, three former friends return to their home planet Eden and meet again. The two men with an old grudge, Isamu and Guld, are now test fighter pilots; and the disillusioned woman they both loved, Myung, is now the manager for Sharon Apple, a famous idol singer that is an artificial intelligence.

Isamu and Guld’s rivalry turns deadly; Sharon is made self-aware and hungers for power; and Ghost, an unmanned fighter meant to replace human-piloted craft, is launched.

Aerial dogfights and Sharon’s holographic light-show concerts showcase the spectacular art, animation, and music in this big-budget production.

Macross Plus exists in 2 versions, an original video animation (OVA) series and a movie. We are screening all 4 episodes of the OVA, each about 40 minutes long, in Japanese with English subtitles. There will be a brief intermission between episodes 2 and 3.

Presented by the Metro Anime club and Asia Pacific Forums, Ltd aka AsiaMajor

With thanks to Sans Diego Film Shorts & the Producer’s Club

See the color flyer (.pdf, 505 KB) & the black & white flyer (.pdf, 455 KB)

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