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This event was a success. There were 23 attendees by my count; a good turnout considering the cold and snowy weather.

— Clyde
Saturday, January 25 2014

A special free screening of Memories
Saturday, January 25 2014 starting at 3:00 PM (doors open at 2:30 PM)
In the Royal Theater at the Producers’ Club,
358 W 44th St near SE corner with 9th Ave, New York NY 10036-5426

Memories (Japan, 1995, 113 min, Japanese with English subtitles) is screened with a brief introduction and a concluding Q & A session

Free admission; limited space: first come, first seated

Memories is an anthology produced by Ōtomo Katsuhiro, creator of Akira. It consists of 3 short films, each based on a short manga story by Ōtomo. The films were made by 3 different directors (including Ōtomo) and creative teams.

The 3 films:

Magnetic Rose A deep-space salvage crew follows a distress signal. They find an opera diva’s hideaway, where they face mysteries and danger.
Based on Ōtomo’s manga story Kanojo no Omoide.. [Her Memories...] (Japan, 1980), script by the late Kon Satoshi (creator of Paprika, Millennium Actress, & Paranoia Agent), directed by Morimoto Koji

Stink Bomb A clueless worker accidentally becomes a devastating and smelly bio-weapon. He tries to report to Tokyo, and the military tries desperately to stop him.
Story & script by Ōtomo, directed by Okamura Tensai

Cannon Fodder A militarized society is completely focused on firing its huge artillery. At what?
Story, script, & direction by Ōtomo

See the color flyer (.pdf, 125 KB) & the black & white flyer (.pdf, 122 KB)

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