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2009 Metro Anime Holiday Party

[The 2009 party was the 3rd quasi-annual holiday party;
see also 2010 Party and/or 2011 Party]

Note: Email the Metro Anime social list <> with any questions, and to let us know what you will bring to the potluck.

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date Sat Nov 21 2009 15:33:59 EST
subject [MA-SOC] Metro Anime Holiday Party—Sunday, Dec. 13, 3–8pm
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Quick Details

  • What: Third, not-so-Annual, Metro Anime Holiday Party
  • When: Sunday, Dec. 13, 2009, 3–8pm
  • Where: 239 W 148th Street, New York, NY [Google map], between 7th Ave (Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd) & 8th Ave (Frederick Douglass Blvd)—The Washington building, basement community room (there’s a video intercom for the room at the street entrance—just buzz for entry)
  • How much: There’s a $5 charge to cover the room fee


  • subway (3 train to 148th St or A/B/C/D trains to 145th St)
  • bus (M1, M2 buses to 148th St & 7th Ave, Bx19 bus to 145th St & 7th Ave)
  • car (FDR/Harlem River Dr to Northbound Exit 21—135th St / Southbound Exit 22—142nd St) with garage parking 3 blocks away (behind Pathmark)

Food: Potluck!

There’s a big 24hr Pathmark supermarket 3 blocks away (145th St & 8th Ave—en route from most transport options), and the space has a full-size refrigerator & microwave, so we can keep food hot/cold. Dan & I will arrive early and bring the paper goods (cups/plates/utensils), but we need folks to bring chips, snacks, drinks, finger foods, desserts, and dinner-foods.

Feel free to cook if you’d like, or consider asking your favorite neighborhood restaurant if they can prepare a tray of appetizers or a dinner dish—dumplings, fried rice, chicken wings, noodles/pasta, salad, ethnic foods of all kinds—anything that you feel comfortable transporting, and that won’t spoil en route. You can ask for ideas on-list, but let me know what you’re bringing ahead-of-time, so I can make sure the basics are covered.


Hard liquor is prohibited by the building, but if we’re discreet, we can bring wine, beer, or punch for some holiday cheer.


Bring your anime, holiday, and party MP3s & CDs! Bring your Wii party games! We’re in the basement under the lobby, so we can crank up the tunes and rev up the Wii to get our anime groove on. If folks bring-your-own karaoke CD/MP3 tracks or OP/ED videos, we can coordinate an anime/J-music sing-off.


We’ll be having our party in the nicely-appointed community room of a renovated Harlem co-op, thanks to the generous assistance of Peggy, one of our long-time members. If this is your first venture to Harlem, the neighborhood is quite safe and well-trafficked on a Sunday afternoon/evening, and the building is down the block from a police precinct house (which takes up much of the street parking, btw).

If you need detailed directions, or would like a travel buddy, ask away. Feel free to bring along a friend or relative to join the festivities. These get-togethers are always a good chance to see Metro members past & present and put faces to names (or names to faces), and a good time is generally had by all. Any questions, feel free to ask on-list or off.


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